Färgband Fargo HDP8500 YMCK Full Colour Ribbon with Black Resin Panel 500 Images, 084811 (500 images)

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The Fargo 84811 YMCK Colour Ribbon is a basic full-colour ribbon with four-panels of Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black resin dye. These dyes smartly combine to create full-spectrum of colors for high-definition images and text prints. This kit works with Fargo HDP8500 printers to produce up to 500 card outputs.

  • 500 full-colour single-sided prints
  • YMCK ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black panels)
  • To be used in conjunction with Fargo HDP film

Compatible with the Fargo HDP8500 card printer

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0.22 kg

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