Färgband Zebra ZXP Series 7 YMCUvK Ribbon 800077-770EM (750 prints)

Färgband – Ribbon – Retransfer till Kortskrivare och Plastkortskrivare

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The Zebra 800077-770 YMCUVK Colour Ribbon is a five-panel full-colour ribbon that specially features a high-quality UV flourescent dye to increase the level of card security to your customer’s plastic cards. The UV prints help to deter the incidences of card tampering and counterfeiting.

  • 750 full-colour single-sided prints
  • YMCUVK ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Yellow, Cyan, UV and Black panels)
  • UV fluorescent print visible only upon exposure to ultraviolet light

Compatible with the Zebra ZXP Series 7 card printer

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0.20 kg

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